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A short stroll through Kippen village


Walk 1 - A short stroll through Kippen village


This is a half-mile walk around some of the houses in Kippen.










tarting from Kippen Memorial Cross at the crossroads in the village, walk up the Main Street on the roadside pavement for about 150 yards and take the turning on the left into Castlehill Loan. Follow this road as it curves round to the right, then turn left at the road junction and continue along for about 150 yards.








At the signpost on the left, saying “Public Path – Burnside ¼”, turn left.














Follow the path alongside the burn






Walk 1 Kippen.PNG



Kippen Memorial Cross


Kipped Cross.jpg
















The path goes down and runs alongside the burn, but it is easier just to walk across the grass.














The path becomes more distinct,
















and eventually emerges onto the road called Burnside.












Turn left here and follow Burnside back to Kippen Cross.