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The Pond

In 2007 BTCV (the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) created the pond with a sitting area and dipping platform. Since then, the bank above the pond has been planted with numerous wildflowers, includng croci, teasel, clover, primrose and cowslip. The edges of the pond now contain marsh marigold, purple loosestrife and the lovely meadowsweet - known by some as "Queen of the Meadow" and many, many others. The water itself contains water lilies and other plants, apart from the newts, tadpoles, snails and frogs which have found their way to it.


Activities around the pond were designed for having fun while learning about the wildlife garden, improving the habitat and making it more wildlife friendly. In the summer, weekend activities, led by two countryside rangers from Loch Lomond National Park and Stirling Council Countryside Rangers, included pond dipping, mini beast hunt, nature trail treasure hunt and building an insect hibernation house.

The pond was chosen as a collage project with the results displayed for all to see.