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Buchlyvie Wildlife Garden

Buchlyvie Primary School is central to village life. In June 2007 as part of the Big Lottery national ‘Breathing Spaces’ scheme, the school was awarded £10,000 to create a wildlife garden in the field behind the school. 

This funding has provided a fantastic opportunity to create a wildlife garden in the centre of the village. The children, teachers, parents and local volunteers are involved with planting and maintaining the garden. A team of local people and professionals advises on planting schemes and native species. The aim is to create a variety of wildlife habitats and a beautiful garden for everyone to enjoy.

Our first event was The Big Dig on November 2nd 2007 when all the children and their parents, planted their own rowan trees creating an avenue along the path linking the school with the village hall. BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) helped plant a mixed native woodland and a butterfly garden with lavender, roses, honeysuckle and buddleia. They also created a pond with a sitting area and dipping platform. The children planted an orchard of apple, plum and cherry trees and thousands of snowdrops, daffodils, croci and bluebells.