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Walks around Buchlyvie

The Old Railway Line to Arnprior

The track of the old railway line to Stirling has recently been opened as a Core Path and it can be followed to Gartentruach Farm or, with persistence, all the way to Arnprior. Here, it emerges onto the B8034 road at what used to be the Port of Menteith Station. This is several miles away from the Port of Menteith, a feature shared by many of the stations serving villages along the route, which may explain why the line was never very profitable!


The start is exactly the same as the path to Aberfoyle. Walk down Station Road, over the Ballochneck Burn and turn down the first road ogeesen the right (labelled “Woodend”), which is bridged by the old railway line. Immediately after this bridge, turn left to pass a field gate and go up a muddy ramp to turn left along the old railway track, passing another gate on the way. An alternative start may be made from opposite the old Buchlyvie station (now called “Station House”) about 100 yards beyond the turn-off to Woodend, where there is a signpost proclaiming the route to be a public path to Aberfoyle. After the gate, the track continues straight for a few hundred yards (heading for Stirling) and then curves to the left (heading for Aberfoyle). At this point another signpost points the way to Arnprior straight on. The route can be quite overgrown in summer, but is easy to follow. Apart from where it goes through a cutting, the track is normally quite dry. There are several gates along the route and open views to the north of Ben Ledi. During the winter flocks of geese can be seen feeding on the grass.

After a mile and a half, the route crosses a public road - not busy, because it's a dead-end road - at Gartentruach Farm. The railway line used to pass through the farm yard, so our Core Path goes left at this point for a short distance before turning right onto another public road. A hundred yards or so along this, go through a gate on the right to regain the railway line. Soon afterwards, you meet the first real obstacle - the Mye Burn. The bridge over this burn was removed when the track was closed, so the burn has to be waded, which can be very difficult when it's in spate. You can therefore return to Buchlyvie from this point by turning right at Gartentruach Farm. This turns right again soon afterwards and then goes left. At this point, continue straight on along a muddy farm track, which goes through Wester Mye Farm to reach the Mye Road. This can be followed to the east end of the village, or, alternatively, you can take the route described under "Buchlyvie Primary School to Mye Road", to return to Station Road.


For those who are prepared to ford the Mye Burn, the track continues towards the old  Port of Menteith Station, with the last mile or so to Arnprior being along the B8034 road - not a pleasant prospect! A slightly better alternative is to turn right to go past Backside of Garden and walk up the public road to meet the A811 about half a mile from Arnprior. This is a busy road, although some of it is avoided by taking the footpath parallel to the road into the village. Negotiations are under way to build a new bridge over the Mye Burn and also to provide a footpath all the way along the A811 into Arnprior. Once there, the No. 12 bus from Stirling to Balfron passes through Arnprior  to take you back to Buchlyvie.