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Walks around Buchlyvie

The School to Mye Road - a 30 minute walk

People born in Buchlyvie may know this route if they used it as children to get to school. It’s actually a right-of-way, but it fell out of use and many villagers did not even know of its existence until it was adopted as a Core Path in 2010. It runs from the North Church in Station Road (opposite the primary school) to the Mye Road, just south of the Wester Mye farm. Recently Stirling Council have installed pedestrian gates and have waymarked some of the route. A map for the walk, containing several photographs, can be found at The map of the walk, with photographs can be found at

Begin opposite the school and walk down the lane on the right of the old church - signposted "Wester Mye". At the end turn left and follow the track until it reaches a wee burn, which you walk alongside to a wee bridge over the burn after which you go through a rickety gate. You are then at the point marked on the map as G1.

gate soon.

A rough path then heads north round the brow of the hill to a new pedestrian gate (G2). Go through and continue in the same direction to a wide bridge (WB) which crosses over the burn into a field. Head for the field gate (G3) and immediately turn left to follow the fence to another pedestrian gate (G4). The fence you are following encloses the sewage works, but there’s not much to see there. Now turn right along the track to the field gate (G5) to reach the Mye Road, which can be followed back to Buchlyvie.

The whole trek takes about thirty minutes. You may encounter horses or sheep in your travels, so please leave the dog at home. In wet weather, the first gate by the burn is especially muddy, so wellies or walking boots are essential. The rewards in sunny weather are the fine views north and the view of Buchlyvie from the north - a spectacle not often seen.