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Buchlyvie Village History

(History provided by the Village Inn). 


Pre 100 A.D.               There are no records or archaeological evidence.


100 A.D.               Archaeological evidence of Iron-Age Round House or Broch and Tower-Fort at Fairy Knowe half a mile to East of village on Stirling road.


1500                      In the Scottish Exchequer Rolls there is a record showing ownership of Bochlfi by David Grahaeme, Third Earl of Fintry.


1650                      Graemes of Buchlyvie replaced Grahaemes of Fintry.


1672                      Charter made under the Great Seal in which Charles II erected the “town of Buchlyvie with a free Burgh of Barony, to be called Buchlyvie-Graeme”. Village thought to have had a wide street with cottages fronting Main Street. The village was granted a weekly market and two annual fairs on the 15th June and 7th November, for the buying and selling of horses, cattle, sheep etc. The inhabitants were also given the right to elect Bailies.


1691                      Rob Roy recorded as occupying the village while in wait for cattle passing through. Villagers called for support from men of Kippen and Balfron to eject Rob Roy but efforts failed bloodily and the cattle were taken by Rob Roy.


1752                      The North Church in Station Road built and opened for worship.


1790                                            Buchlyvie reported as being involved in the textile boom. Jennies for spinning cotton set up in village by a Balfron company. A map of the period shows a walkmill for the fulling of wool in Mye Road and a Tan-work with sixteen or twenty pools.


1835                      Chapel of Ease completed on site of what is now known as the South Church at east end of Main Street. The Buchlyvie and Gartmore Agricultural Society was formed.


1856                      Forth and Clyde Junction Railway opened with station at Buchlyvie.


1869                      Buchlyvie Water Company set up.


1870                      Water scheme introduced to parts of the village. Water was drawn from standpipes.


1872                      Compulsory schooling came to Buchlyvie.


1876                      School building completed. New Free Church built of iron opened. Chapel of Ease made into full Parish Church.


1884                      Village Hall, built by public subscription, opened in November.


1885                      Buchlyvie Horticultural Society formed.


1891                      Buchlyvie Ploughing Society formed.