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Welcome To Buchlyvie

Buchlyvie lies in the narrow waist of central Scotland, between the Highland mountains to the north and the gentler hills of the lowlands to the south. The mountains, close to and clearly visible from the village, would in past times have been a reminder to the villagers of the potential threat from the turbulent Highlanders who were apt to come down and steal cattle from the lowland pastures. The area has long been a prosperous agricultural environment.

Today, Buchlyvie, not much larger than in the days of tribal belligerence, is still a working community rather than a place for retirement. There is a wide mix of housing and employment within the population of 500. There are those who commute to Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh to work in the professions; there are those who provide services in the village: bed and breakfast establishments, pub (The Buchlyvie Inn), a well-stocked store, garage, cafe, hairdresser, pottery, art gallery, modernised primary school and comfortable medical centre; and there are the many farms which surround Buchlyvie and provide a true rural flavour to its business. The village hall, at the centre of Buchlyvie life, is meeting place, nursery, theatre and base for many charitable events.

For recreation there are walks from Buchlyvie in addition to the hills and mountains only a short drive away. Aberfoyle, a few miles north, is a centre for forest and hill walking and has the nearest golf course. There is good fly fishing available on the Lake of Menteith. The lochs and glens of the Trossachs are a short drive away and Loch Lomond is within easy reach.